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Proceedings of BSO Conference 2022: 6th Conference of IBPSA-England


Evaluating indoor environmental quality of onsite construction workers housing in Pune, India through performance-based simulation

Sayali Andhare, Namrata Dhamankar
Dr. Bhanuben Nanavati College of Architecture

Abstract: Construction workers are the city's most essential service providers, but their contribution to the urban economy is frequently overlooked. Most construction workers are migrants, and the primary reason for their migration is to find suitable job opportunities and an improved living standard. Whether the growth of the infrastructure sector raises the standard of life of migrant workers is a matter of concern since these migrant workers frequently relocate every few years to other places living in temporary constructions near or on the job site provided by the owner or a contractor. This research examines the indoor environmental quality of onsite housing for construction workers. It presents a part of the ongoing research assessing the parameters that impact the onsite housing system for construction workers in terms of building materials, services provided, and indoor environmental comfort. Simulation studies were carried out to analyse the annual performance. In addition, the performance of various materials was evaluated along with daylight and ventilation analysis throughout the year. The research's main findings are that onsite workers living in a modular prefabricated system can achieve indoor environmental comfort by using a wall panelling system made of paper honeycomb sandwiched between powder- coated G.I. sheets can provide thermal comfort with additional aluminium bubble wrap insulation for the roof. Eco coolers, a passive cooling system, are also used to improve the ventilation inside the unit. This system provides thermal insulation while also being affordable and scalable for the temporary housing category.
Keywords: Onsite Construction workers housing, modular construction, Indoor environmental quality, Thermal comfort, Building Simulation, Design Builder