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Proceedings of BSO Conference 2022: 6th Conference of IBPSA-England


Evaluation of Wind Tower Effectiveness in Rammed Earth Building

Zeynep Örgev, Neslihan TÜrkmenoĞlu
Kocaeli University Department of Architecture

Abstract: Due to global warming, the cooling requirements increase even in locations with broad heating periods. The integration of passive cooling systems, especially in buildings and settlements in hot-dry climates, contributes to the decay of energy consumption. The selection of the appropriate material and determination of the application technique is a significant issue since passive cooling systems significantly affect energy performance. In the study, a hypothetical residential building, assumed to be built with the rammed earth technique in Diyarbakır with hot-dry climate characteristics, is used to evaluate the suitability of wind towers in terms of natural ventilation and thermal comfort performance.
Keywords: Wind Tower, Hot-Dry Climate, Rammed Earth, Thermal Comfort