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Proceedings of eSim 2002: 2nd Conference of IBPSA-Canada



Drury Crawley, Linda Lawrie, Curtis Pedersen, Richard Strand, Richard Liesen, Frederick Winkelmann, W. Buhl, Y. Huang, Michael Witte, Robert Henninger, Jason Glazer, Gard Analytics, Park Ridge, Daniel Fisher

Abstract: A new building energy simulation program, known as EnergyPlus, was first released in April 2001. EnergyPlus builds on the capabilities and features of BLAST and DOE-2 and includes many simulation features such as variable time steps, configurable modular systems that are integrated with a heat balance-based zone simulation and input and output data structures tailored to facilitate third party module and interface development-features that have not been available together in a mainstream building energy simulation program. Other simulation capabilities include three thermal comfort models, extensive daylighting and advanced fenestration capabilities, multizone airflow modeling, more robust HVAC equipment models, more flexible system modeling, and photovoltaic simulation. Currently, more than ten private sector companies have stated their intentions to create user interfaces for EnergyPlus. In the first year after the release of EnergyPlus, more than 7,000 people-from more than 90 countries-downloaded and registered EnergyPlus.