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Proceedings of eSim 2004: 3th Conference of IBPSA-Canada



Affouda-Léon Biaou, Michel Bernier, Yan Ferron

Abstract: This article presents the models and methods used to simulate a Zero Net Energy Home (ZNEH). The ZNEH studied here is equipped with photovoltaic (PV) panels for on-site electrical production and a geothermal heat pump for space heating and cooling and domestic hot water pre-heating. Simulations are performed using TRNSYS 15.3 with the IISiBat 3 interface. All major components are simulated using standard TRNSYS components except for the ground-source heat pump and geothermal heat exchanger which are modelled using components from the TESS library or from in-house models. A R-2000 type home located in Montréal and equipped with 85.4 m 2 of PV panels and a 2.5 tons groundsource heat pump is simulated. Results indicate that with such an arrangement it is possible to achieve a ZNEH. The ground-source heat pump reduces the electrical energy for space heating and cooling requirements as well as for water heating by about half when compared to an all-electric house. With this scenario, 13550 kWh are required from the PV panels on an annual basis to achieve a ZNEH.
Pages: 1 - 8