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Proceedings of eSim 2006: 4th Conference of IBPSA-Canada



Abdelaziz Laouadi, Anil Parekh

Abstract: The need for energy conservation in buildings has spurred innovations in window technologies. These products include windows combined with shading devices, and windows featuring complex glazings such as smart glazings, translucent and transparent insulation, patterned or decorative glass. Unfortunately, little is known about their impact on the quality of the indoor environment. This paper addresses the development of new lighting quality indices for the outdoor view (which gives a feeling of connection to the outside), indoor view (which may affect feelings of privacy), and window luminance (which indicates the potential risk of discomfort glare). The new indices were applied to a typical fenestration system, consisting of a clear window equiped with an interior perforated shading screen with opaque and translucent materials. The simulation results indicate that the the light-coloured screen has a significant impact on the outdoor view and window's luminance, depending greatly on the sky conditions. Under clear sky conditions, the window's luminance may be increased by up to 80% compared with overcast sky conditions, particularly for a window with a translucent screen.
Pages: 87 - 93