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Proceedings of eSim 2008: 5th Conference of IBPSA-Canada



Lukas Swan, V. Ugursal, Ian Beausoleil-Morrison

Abstract: Simulation of the Canadian housing stock (CHS) for the purpose of evaluating the impact of energy saving upgrades and technologies requires a detailed housing database representative of the stock. Such a database has been assembled by selecting house records from the EnerGuide for Houses database to form a subset which statistically match parameter distributions defined by the Survey of Household Energy Use 2003 (SHEU-03). The SHEU-03 is considered representative of the CHS. The parameters considered during selection include: location, type, vintage, geometry, and heating systems. This selected database is comprised of over 17,000 records of single-detached and double/row houses. Each record is of equal weighting. Based on the selection parameters, each house record represents approximately 500 houses in the Canadian stock. Detailed information regarding the geometry, construction fabric, air-tightness, and heating equipment of each house in the database may be used to develop input files to conduct detailed energy simulation using software based on heat and mass transport equations. The conversion of the database to such a software package is an ongoing project.
Pages: 143 - 150