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Proceedings of eSim 2010: 6th Conference of IBPSA-Canada



François Laurencelle, Alain Moreau, Alain Poulin

Abstract: This paper presents an algorithm to construct a building's power consumption profile by 15-minute intervals from its monthly electricity consumption and monthly peak demand. These data can be retrieved through the building's billing history. The algorithm also requires a one-year record of the outdoor temperature as well as the building's operation schedule. The generated profile takes into account the heating and air conditioning loads, the building's operation load and the random power fluctuations. These loads are weighted through a descriptive model established from a collection of building electricity profiles. The algorithm was validated by comparing generated profiles with metered profiles. Then, we analyzed the bias resulting from using synthetic profiles for sizing thermal storage equipments in different buildings, for a power demand management application. The simulation algorithm is able to reproduce the main characteristics of the metered profiles. It can address the needs of engineering firms that support energy efficiency efforts or the needs of power utilities wishing to increase their targeted clientele through diagnostic tools, simulations, and marketing of energy efficient products.
Pages: 94 - 100