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Proceedings of eSim 2010: 6th Conference of IBPSA-Canada


Analysis of electrical loads of Canadian residences at one-minute intervals

Neil Saldanha

Abstract: While whole building simulation tools have been developed to accurately model thermal demands on residential dwellings, they rely heavily on accurate representation of occupant behaviour and appliance usage to do so. This is evermore important during the cooling season in Canada where occupant's air-conditioner usage depends on several factors. To this effect air conditioning and non-HVAC usage of twelve typical Canadian dwellings in Ottawa, Ontario were measured over the summer of 2009 at one-minute intervals. The non-HVAC data was compared to previously generated synthetic profiles to assess their potential in representing typical Canadian occupancy usage as well as to provide more information regarding Canadian residential electricity consumption. This paper presents the results of this survey and recommends an alternate method of representing non-HVAC electrical demands input in building simulation.
Pages: 101 - 108