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Proceedings of eSim 2012: 7th Conference of IBPSA-Canada


Improving Accuracy with Minimal Computational Effort through Coupled Building Envelope and CFD Model

Woubishet Taffese

Abstract: In this work, the performance of a whole building hygrothermal model is examined. The model is implemented by coupling the building envelope model Delphin to DesignBuilder CFD. The goal is to predict hygrothermal phenomenon in building envelopes as well as indoor thermal distribution in historic buildings. The thermal and moisture prediction capacity of the Delphin model is tested using Common Exercise 0, CE0 and Common Exercise 1, CE1, respectively. The test result obtained from CE0 confirmed the excellent thermal prediction capacity of the Delphin model. Similarly, the moisture analyzing capacity of the Delphin model accuracy is within 8% for case 0A of CE1 and 2% for case 0B of CE1. The coupled model predicts the hygrothermal conditions of a building envelope accurately and provides the indoor thermal distribution of a building with minimal computational effort. The model also provides better graphical visualization of the hygrothermal distribution of the building envelope.
Pages: 48 - 60