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Proceedings of eSim 2012: 7th Conference of IBPSA-Canada


DOE2 Dry-Bulb Temperature Precision Level Impact on Sensible Economizer Performance

Annie-Claude Lachapelle, James Love

Abstract: Weather files are used with building simulation tools to calculate the impact of local climate on energy use. In DOE2, the dry-bulb temperature (DBT) is one of the internal variables initialized from weather file data. A discrepancy in the precision level of the DOE2 air-side sensible economizer high limit shutoff temperature and the weather file DBT was found to affect simulation results. This paper first details the origins of the economizer-related energy use variations due to this discrepancy. The findings were then evaluated in terms of energy simulation results for a peer-reviewed energy model. Finally the same model was run with weather files for various climates to evaluate the importance of the discrepancy based on the building location. The purpose of this paper is to make DOE2 users aware of the discrepancy and suggest ways to achieve more accurate simulation results.
Pages: 164 - 175