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Proceedings of eSim 2012: 7th Conference of IBPSA-Canada


TRNSYS modeling of a novel ceiling panel designed to maintain space humidity in an office building

Radia Eldeeb, Melanie Fauchoux, Carey Simonson, M. Candidate

Abstract: Ceiling cooling panels have one of the highest technical energy savings and they achieve high comfort levels. However, they are unable to maintain the indoor relative humidity as they only transfer sensible heat. In order to overcome this problem, a novel heat and moisture transfer panel (HAMP) is developed and tested. In this paper, the applicability of the HAMP is tested using the TRNSYS simulation program. The impact of the HAMP on space relative humidity is investigated by modeling a 1-storey office building in two Canadian cities (Saskatoon and Toronto) as representatives of the Canadian climatic conditions. The validity of the HAMP and resulting energy savings is represented and compared against a similar building operating with a conventional all air system. The HAMP proved to be able to maintain space relative humidity levels between 22% RH and 55% RH in Saskatoon; and between 23% RH and 57% RH in Toronto.
Pages: 176 - 188