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Proceedings of eSim 2012: 7th Conference of IBPSA-Canada


Build-up and long-term performance prediction of a hybrid solar ground source heat pump system for office building in cold climate

Enyu Wang, Alan Fung, Chengying Qi, Wey Leong, Nova Scotia

Abstract: Maintaining annual ground thermal energy balance is one of the basic rules for the ground-source heat pump system (GSHPS). For a building with much larger heating load than cooling load, auxiliary energy should be added in the GSHPS. This paper presented a novel hybrid solar GSHPS (HSGSHPS), composed of a GSHPS and a solar assisted GSHPS (SAGSHPS), used in an office building for heating and cooling. The potential imbalance of the ground thermal energy could be avoided with convenience and economy. A simulation model was developed in TRNSYS to predict the long term (multi-year) performance of the proposed system. Simulation results showed that the proposed HSGSHPS was reasonably designed to resolve the ground thermal energy imbalance problem. A suitable control strategy for the solar collector and solar storage was sought according to the maximum overall annual coefficient of performance (COP) of the SAGSHPS. Longterm fifty-year performance prediction of the HSGSHPS was obtained. The results showed that the simulation study was very important for the proper design and determination of the suitable operational strategy of the HSGSHPS. Potential malfunction of the SAGSHPS could also be visualized through the simulation study.
Pages: 478 - 491