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Proceedings of eSim 2012: 7th Conference of IBPSA-Canada


Investigation of performance enhancement of a building integrated photovoltaic thermal system

Tingting Yang, Andreas Athienitis, Nova Scotia

Abstract: In this paper, a new design of a BIPV/T system with added glazed air collector section and wire mesh is studied for enhancing thermal performance. The vertical solar air collector is connected in series with the BIPV/T system to raise outlet air temperature in winter, and the wire mesh is placed in the channel behind the glazing of the solar air heater. A computer program is developed based on a mathematical model. Comparative analysis shows that the addition of wire mesh benefits efficiency at mass flow rates of less than 0.03 kg/s and that heat transfer enhancement depends on wire mesh geometry. The optimum mass flow rate of the wire mesh packed system is determined to be between 0.01kg/s to 0.03 kg/s; the efficiency is about 8.5% higher than that without the mesh, and outlet air temperature is typically increased by 4 °C to 11 °C.
Pages: 122 - 135