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Proceedings of eSim 2012: 7th Conference of IBPSA-Canada


Solar Optimized Neighbourhood Patterns: Evaluation and Guidelines

Caroline Hachem, Andreas Athienitis, Paul Fazio

Abstract: The current study presents key findings and recommendations related to the solar potential of building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) and energy demand of two-storey single family housing unit assemblages, located in Montreal, Canada (45ºN). The design parameters studied include geometric shapes of individual units, density of units and site layouts. Shapes include rectangular and L shapes of varying geometry. Density effect is analyzed through different assemblages of detached and attached housing units, as well as of parallel rows of units. Site layouts include a straight road and semi-circular road patterns, with the curve facing south or north. The analysis employs the EnergyPlus simulation package to simulate configurations consisting of combinations of values of parameters in order to assess the effects of these parameters on the electricity production potential of BIPV systems covering complete near south facing roof surfaces, as well as heating and cooling demand of individual units and neighbourhoods. Effects are evaluated as the change of the energy generation and energy demand, relative to reference configurations. The reference shape is a rectangle, the reference density is detached units and the reference layout is a straight road. Preliminary guidelines for the design of solar optimized neighbourhoods are proposed, based on the effects of the design parameters studied.
Pages: 243 - 256