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Proceedings of eSim 2012: 7th Conference of IBPSA-Canada


The Realities of High-Rise Multi Unit Residential Building Energy Performance in British Columbia, Canada

Curt Hepting, Graham Finch, Brittany Hanam

Abstract: High-rise multi-unit residential Buildings (MURBs) have dominated the new construction market in the major metropolitan areas of British Columbia (BC). Unfortunately, their actual energy performance has not improved and even appears to be increasing. Annual energy intensities for new high-rise MURBs around the Vancouver and Victoria metro areas are significantly higher than expected, at an average of about 213 kWh e /m²/year. This paper provides background and findings from a key study on energy consumption in high-rise MURBs for the BC market. This includes assessment of the enclosure heat transfer performance and results from calibrated energy modelling and bill analyses. Informed by many of these findings, we explore approaches and indicators from several representative new designs to demonstrate effective improvements that a few new designs are pursuing to improve energy performance. This includes exploration of the implications of installing hydronic heating versus the more common application of electric baseboards for space heating.
Pages: 393 - 405