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Proceedings of eSim 2012: 7th Conference of IBPSA-Canada


The Energy Simulation Report in the design process, a (potentially) powerful tool to exchange information and results

Marzia Sedino, Megan Inouye, Teresa Rainey

Abstract: Energy modeling during the design process requires a large amount of information exchange between the design team members. As a result, the energy modelers need to organize and effectively communicate an immense amount of data for the design team and the client. The “Energy Simulation Report” is typically the only means by which energy modelers inform designers and clients on the project’s energy consumption and related costs, as well as recommend efficient design solutions. Such a tool should be easy to navigate, comprehensive of inputs for the baseline and design models, and clearly report the simulation results. The paper analyzes the most common types of simulation reports used to convey information and highlights the typical issues encountered. In addition, it describes the structure of the internally developed “Energy Simulation Report Framework” used to prepare energy simulation reports at each design phase in order to maintain uniformity and consistency in the reported information. The framework proved to be crucial in improving the way energy model results are presented, enhancing the communication among team members and avoiding delays due to confusion in the reported data.
Pages: 520 - 533