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Proceedings of eSim 2012: 7th Conference of IBPSA-Canada


Development and Implementation of a Parametric Energy Tool for Building Owners

Craig Burton, Matthew Shaxted, Nova Scotia

Abstract: A building energy tool has been developed that allows users to investigate the interrelationship of multiple energy conservation measures at both macro and micro levels. The purpose of the tool is to help commercial building owners realize energy efficiency retrofit opportunities. The tool incorporates a backend database of EnergyPlus models, run parametrically using jEPlus. The tool allows users to visualize these results on the web, and matches a 'best-fit' baseline model and appropriate energy conservation measure (ECM) recommendations. The database of energy models and ECM's are then paired with matching incentives and industry partners who can fund or implement the selected ECM's. This paper details the approach used to develop and implement the tool-i.e. running more than 300,000 parametric energy simulations using private and cloud computing clusters, extracting and postprocessing simulation results, and developing the website for baseline surveying and visualization of proposed recommendations.
Pages: 534 - 541