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Proceedings of eSim 2014: 8th Conference of IBPSA-Canada


Verification of a Multizone Airflow and Energy Network Model by Analytical Solutions to Stack-driven Flows in Buildings

Dahai Qi, Liangzhu Wang, Radu Zmeureanu

Abstract: The multizone network models without energy equation are widely used to study natural ventilation, indoor air quality and smoke movement in buildings. When energy equation is included in the multizone network model, it is necessary to be verified. This study aims to verify a multizone airflow and energy network model, CONTAM97R, by analytical solutions. Solutions to a naturally ventilated single-zone room and a high-rise building with a vertical shaft under fires are employed to verify CONTAM97R. Floor Zoning Strategy (FZS) and Adaptive Zoning Strategy (AZS), are proposed and compared in an example of a sixteen-storey building. The results show that the accuracy of FZS is influenced by temperature attenuation coefficient, α. A larger α value causes more simulation error. The accuracy of FZS can be improved by increasing the total number of zones used for the shaft. Compared with FZS, AZS can obtain results with similar accuracy with less number of zones.
Pages: 932 - 945