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Proceedings of eSim 2014: 8th Conference of IBPSA-Canada


New-Trend Natural Ventilation Potential & Analytics for Various Climates in Canada

Liam Buckley

Abstract: This paper is focussed on the natural ventilation potential of different weather data-sets used in Canada today. These weather data-sets have been compared against existing CWEC (Canadian Weather for Energy Calculations) weather data, which are based on 30 year weather data (pre-1995), against newer to the industry; TMY (15) and TMY (7) sets of weather data, which represents the last 15 and 7 years of weather data respectively, i.e. from, and including the year 2013. One major goal of this paper was to raise awareness of the availability of newer useful weather data for building simulation and design. Canadian multi-location TMY (Typical Meteorological Year) climate based natural ventilation analyses included comparisons of: 1. Natural Ventilation Potential (NVP); which accounted for the number of hours/year that acceptable outside air can be introduced into rooms during occupied hours. 2. Percentage People Dissatisfied (PPD) for the thermal comfort of occupants (ASHRAE 55). 3. Predictive energy-modelling of a small nature center building.
Pages: 580 - 590