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Proceedings of eSim 2014: 8th Conference of IBPSA-Canada


Effect of Window Blind Use in Residential Buildings Observation and Simulation Study

Isis Bennet, William O’Brien, H. Burak Gunay

Abstract: Occupants' use of window blinds accounts for a significant uncertainty in building energy use and peak electricity demand. However, minimal research has gone into gaining an understanding of blind use in residential buildings. Blinds in homes are operated significantly differently than commercial buildings because of the increased need for privacy and the vastly different occupancy schedules. The blinds of a multi-unit residential building high-rise condominium in Ottawa were monitored for six summer days during a variety of weather conditions on weekdays and a weekend day. Results indicate that most occupants move their blinds infrequently similarly to in offices but with a significantly different schedule. Based on these observations, a simulation study was carried out to investigate the influence of different blind configurations on the comfort, peak load and energy use. The results indicate that blinds can be effective for mitigating overheating and reducing peak cooling loads.
Pages: 282 - 295