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Proceedings of eSim 2014: 8th Conference of IBPSA-Canada


Potential benefits in terms of thermal comfort and energy use of adding a control loop to an existing multizone Air Handling Unit in a hospital setting

Eduard Cubi

Abstract: Hospital Virgenlas Nieves currently features a multizone air handling unit (AHU) that provides ventilation and space conditioning to 4 spaces. It is a very old, non-standard unit with 2 stages of conditioning that heavily relies on manual control. The system will soon be upgraded with a connection to the main building management system, which will allow automatic control. A TRNSYS model was used to evaluate the potential benefits of AHU control strategies in terms energy use and thermal comfort. A control logic based on constant air temperature setpointsafter the 2 conditioning stages results in 24% heating energy savings and 57% decrease in overall heating degree-hours. Benefits in cooling mode are smaller.A second control strategy uses a fuzzy controller of Matlab to continuously set variable setpoints of plenum temperatures and supply air to the zones. While energy results are similar, comfort results are much more satisfactory.
Pages: 671 - 687