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Proceedings of eSim 2014: 8th Conference of IBPSA-Canada


Natural Ventilation of a Tall Industrial Building Investigation on the Impact of Modeling Assumptions

Ruijie Zhao, Louis Gosselin,

Abstract: Aluminum potrooms are industrial buildings in which the smelting process releases large amounts of heat. In most of these tall buildings, ventilation relies solely on buoyancy and wind, and is critical to the process stability, workers’ comfort and pollutants dispersion. A CFD model is currently being developed in order to determine the heat transfer, fluid flow and contaminant dispersion patterns under different scenarios, and as in every model, different simplifying assumptions are required. This paper studies the influence of some of the main modeling assumptions on the ventilation rate, such as the buoyancy model (e.g., Boussinesq versus incompressible ideal gas law), the boundary conditions, the reference density, etc. Simulations include both the interior and exterior of the building. Since the ultimate model will be multi-scale (i.e., three different, but coupled sub-models, (i) outdoor environment, (ii) potroom and (iii) smelting pots), a particular attention is devoted to the relation between these domains when analysing the results. Conclusions can be applied to the ventilation of different industrial buildings, as well as to other types of buildings..
Pages: 566 - 579