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Proceedings of eSim 2014: 8th Conference of IBPSA-Canada


Savings by Design Benefits of Live Energy Modelling in Integrated Design Charrettes

Daniel Knapp, Clement Guénard, Brett Kerrigan

Abstract: Savings by Design is a program delivered by Enbridge and Sustainable Buildings Canada which helps commercial builders design and construct high performance buildings. The program offers expert support and financial incentives during the design, construction and commissioning stages of a project. The program starts with a two hour visioning session which identifies the objectives and performance goals for the project. The visioning session is followed by a full day integrated design charrette. The builder, architect and design engineers are brought together with third-party experts in areas identified as priorities during the visioning session. A key component of the charrette is the use of live energy modelling. An energy model is prepared beforehand and updated live during the charrette in response to suggestions and ideas generated by the participants. As part of the energy modelling team for the Savings by Design program, we reflect on our experiences with the live energy modelling process. We find that live energy modelling creates a powerful feedback loop that focusses the design team on high impact measures and educates participants on the relative importance of different energy saving strategies. Significant energy saving opportunities were realized in all 19 charrettes carried out to date. We share lessons learned from our participation in the Savings by Design program and offer suggestions to other modellers interested in participating in an integrated design process. We discuss what we see as the strengths and weaknesses of the live energy modelling process and present the results of a post-charrette survey given to program participants.
Pages: 738 - 745