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Proceedings of eSim 2014: 8th Conference of IBPSA-Canada


Implementation of Meta-modelling for Sensitivity Analysis in Building Energy Analysis

Jitian Song, Lai Wei, Yu Sun, Wei Tian

Abstract: Sensitivity analysis can provide invaluable insights in both creating building energy models and prioritizing energy saving measures. Thus sensitivity analysis has been widely applied in building energy analysis. A meta-modelling method for sensitivity analysis is a new approach that is still rarely used in assessing building energy performance. This method consists of two steps: firstly construct a metamodel from detailed dynamic building energy simulation; then implement a variance-based method using this meta-model. This paper implemented a meta-modelling method for sensitivity analysis based on the treed Gaussian process model for an office building. The results indicate that this method can show not only the trend of energy change due to the corresponding input, but also quantify the uncertainty of change of building thermal performance for every input. This will help both researchers and building managers to understand how the energy consumption would be changed due to different energy saving measures.
Pages: 461 - 472