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Proceedings of eSim 2014: 8th Conference of IBPSA-Canada


From the first sketch of your design, instantly simulate your project’s bioclimatic performance with the 3D simulation software ArchiWIZARD Bioclim

Audrey Bastonero, Philippe Alamy

Abstract: As simulation tools for building efficiency are now requested in the design practice, the French energy simulation software “ArchiWIZARD” has been adapted to the Canadian use, leading to the new “ArchiWIZARD Bioclim” software. It is a new collaborative and decision-support 3D solution, which help designing efficient buildings at the earliest phase of a project. This software is to be used to estimate and visualize the impact of any design choice from the CAD in terms of energy efficiency. User-friendly 3D interface is to enable changing configurations of the building envelope, occupancy scenarios, urban environment, solar energy, and instant feedback on thermal loses, energy needs, day lighting. The simulation core is based on Raytracing technologies and thermal engines.
Pages: 398 - 411