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Proceedings of eSim 2014: 8th Conference of IBPSA-Canada


Exploring the Demand Response Potential of a Smart-Grid Ready House Using Building Simulation Software

Fabiano Pallonetto, Simos Oxizidis, Donal Finn

Abstract: The emergence of buildings as a potential demand response resource in the nascent smart electrical grid has led to increased interest in integrating load shifting/forcing solutions in buildings to address grid supply demand supply unbalances and obtain economic benefits. Such demand responsiveness is only possible if buildings accommodate flexibility, which can be defined as the ability to shift or force electrical power consumption to another time. Residential buildings are an important component to this challenge, particularly if they implement controllers capable of responding to price schemes or signal, either by delaying or pre-empting electricity consumption. The present paper explores the potential of thermal flexibility of a smart-grid ready all electric domestic building, which is equipped with a 12 kW heat pump, a 0.8 m³ water storage tank and an electric vehicle. The assessment, based on an analysis using EnergyPlus, result to an overall economic saving of 20% for the owner during the year. The control scheme adopted halved the generation costs and provides flexibility to the system operator.
Pages: 345 - 359