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Proceedings of eSim 2014: 8th Conference of IBPSA-Canada


Demand Response Strategies in a Small All-Electric Commercial Building in Quebec

Karine Lavigne, Ahmed Daoud, Simon Sansregret, Marie-Andrée Leduc

Abstract: Commercial and institutional buildings using electricity as their only energy source are common in Quebec and they contribute to a significant portion of the winter grid peak. This paper discusses how building simulation can be used to elaborate optimized demand response (DR) strategies for a small all-electric commercial building. An EnergyPlus model was created and calibrated with the 15-minute interval metered data of the building's total electric power demand. Parametric runs and visualizing tools were used to identify and adjust key parameters. Final calibration was obtained by optimization using a generalized pattern search algorithm. Then, “NSGA-II”, a multiobjective genetic algorithm, was used to optimize pre-determined DR strategies for this particular building. Results show that the use of DR strategies can lead to a significant reduction in the building's total power demand during peak periods while maintaining an acceptable comfort level for the building's occupants.
Pages: 242 - 255