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Proceedings of eSim 2014: 8th Conference of IBPSA-Canada


High-resolution residential electricity consumption trends under fixed and time-of-use rates

Nathaniel Pearre, Lukas Swan

Abstract: Efforts to alter building electricity consumption by reducing peaks and filling valleys via time-of-use rates is now commonplace among utilities as they attempt to reduce required peak generation capacity and integrate renewable electricity generators. These schemes affects consumer behaviour and drives the implementation of new technologies such as programmable thermostats, cycle start delays on electric appliances, or more significantly, electric thermal storage (ETS). The objective of this research is to provide trends of residential electricity consumption to inform building simulationists as they apply and modify standardized operating schedules. Here a full year (2012) of measured 15-minute electricity demand data from 48 houses located in Nova Scotia is evaluated. Three groups emerge: (i) nonelectric HVAC, (ii) fixed rate electric HVAC, and (iii) time-of-use rate electric HVAC. Major trends are investigated, including the increase in non-heating loads in the winter, variations in the timing of load peaks, both through the week and through the year, and systematic errors in the response of residential load-shifting equipment to time-of-use rates.
Pages: 426 - 433