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Proceedings of eSim 2014: 8th Conference of IBPSA-Canada


Lasers, Light, and God 3-D scanning assisted lighting analysis of a house of worship

Juan Sebastián Carrizo, William O’Brien, Mario Santana Quintero

Abstract: As heritage buildings undergo either needed rehabilitation or optional improvements, inappropriate lighting alterations can compromise the original intent, character, and authenticity of the evaluated building. However, technology now exists to establish the optimal interplay between artificial lighting and daylighting in any given scenario. Therefore, a comprehensive audit of the lighting and daylighting features of a heritage building can actually provide opportunities to not only reclaim compromised historic character but also improve the building’s energy efficiency and value. This project aims to bridge the gap between heritage value and energy efficiency in the lighting/daylighting field. It will evaluate the lighting performance of a potential historic building (the St Barnabas Church of Ottawa) and determine areas for improvement. By integrating surveying and energy analysis tools, this project presents an innovative methodology for the analysis of historic buildings and provides a template for further understanding of the importance of preservation and conservation in the building performance simulation community..
Pages: 473 - 486