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Proceedings of eSim 2014: 8th Conference of IBPSA-Canada


Cloud-Based Model Calibration Using OpenStudio

Elaine Hale, Lars Lisell, David Goldwasser, Daniel Macumber, Jesse Dean, Ian Metzger, Andrew Parker, Nicholas Long, Brian Ball, Marjorie Schott, Evan Weaver, Larry Brackney

Abstract: OpenStudio is a free, open source Software Development Kit (SDK) and application suite for performing building energy modeling and analysis. The OpenStudio Parametric Analysis Tool (PAT) was extended to allow cloud-based simulation of multiple OpenStudio models parametrically related to a baseline model. This paper describes the new cloud-based simulation functionality and presents a model calibration case study. Calibration is initiated by entering actual monthly utility bill data into the baseline model. Multiple parameters are then varied over multiple iterations to reduce the difference between actual energy consumption and model simulation results, as calculated and visualized by billing period and by fuel type. Simulations are performed in parallel using the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud service. This paper highlights model parameterizations (measures) used for calibration, but the same multinodal computing architecture is available for other purposes; for example, recommending combinations of retrofit energy saving measures using the calibrated model as the new baseline.
Pages: 178 - 191