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Proceedings of eSim 2014: 8th Conference of IBPSA-Canada


ExCalibBEM Tool Development to Calibrate Building Energy Models

Simon Sansregret, Karine Lavigne, Ahmed Daoud, Louis-Alexandre Leclaire

Abstract: Calibrated Building Energy Models (CBEM) can provide numerous benefits to on-going building operations and identify retrofit measures and their feasibility. However, calibrating a BEM is not a trivial task. To date, it has essentially been based on the energy modeller’s experience and the utilization of a trial and error approach to refinement. To effectively facilitate this complex process and the significant amount of data associated with it, a dedicated tool, called ExCalibBEM, is presently under development. This paper presents the methodology adopted for the development of this calibrated BEM tool, which will be available free of charge. This tool is intended to assist practitioners and researchers in streamlining the calibration process by visualizing the differences between BEM results and measurements, suggesting input modifications and managing the calculation of parametric and optimization runs based on an objective function defined by the user. The tool is designed to deal with hourly and sub-hourly measurement data and simulated results generated by EnergyPlus or DOE2.2 engines. The GenOpt® optimization package, developed by the LBNL DOE laboratory, is integrated in ExcalibBEM and used to launch parametric and optimization runs.
Pages: 321 - 331