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Proceedings of eSim 2014: 8th Conference of IBPSA-Canada


Virtual Flow Meter for Chilled Water Loops in Existing Buildings

Eric Mcdonald, Radu Zmeureanu, Daniel Giguère

Abstract: This paper presents the application of a Virtual Flow Meter (VFM) with two case studies of central cooling plants in existing buildings. In the first case study, the VFM is used under five different scenarios of available number of sensors, installed on the cooling system, to compare the models predictions when the number of sensors is reduced from eight to four to estimate the chilled water flow rate. In the second case study, the VFM is used with four sensors installed on the cooling system. The estimates of chilled water flow rates are compared with measurements of 10-min time step (first case study) and 15-min time step (second case study). The results from the uncertainty analysis are also presented. The predicted chilled water flow rates agree with the measured values with a coefficient of variance of the root mean squared error (CV(RMSE)) of 5.4-57.5% in the first case study, and 13.5-20.1% in the second one.
Pages: 946 - 957