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Proceedings of eSim 2014: 8th Conference of IBPSA-Canada


Parametric Analysis of Energy Recovery Ventilation Performance in the High Rise Residential Sector

Adam Barker, Ramani Ramakrishnan

Abstract: The performance of energy recovery ventilation (ERV) units in highrise residential buildings is analyzed. ERV’s performance is evaluated by the amount of annual recovered sensible and latent heating and cooling energy. ERV’s are typically rated by the applicable Standards under controlled operating conditions. The current literature identifies several factors that impact ERV performance under operating conditions, such as infiltration rates, ERV leakage flows, temperature set points, and flow control schemes. EnergyPlus is used to create a representation of a typical residential suite, through which the impacts of the parameters is studied. Initial performance of the ERV model is validated through comparison to collected temperature and relative humidity data from an installed, operational ERV unit in a high-rise condominium. Results indicate that leakage flows within the ERV represent the highest potential contributor to overall performance. Economizer control strategies are identified as a viable option for improving the ERV performance during summer and shoulder seasons.
Pages: 629 - 642