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Proceedings of eSim 2014: 8th Conference of IBPSA-Canada


Modelling the Use of Exhaust Air Heat Recovery Coils Coupled with Heat Recovery Chillers

Alex Blue, Christian Cianfrone

Abstract: One increasingly common design feature is the use of a hydronic coil in the exhaust air stream for the purpose of recovering heat in systems that use heat recovery chillers. The feature is a desirable alternative to plate or rotary exhaust air heat recovery as it allows for the recovered heat to be used for multiple purposes, such as heating, terminal reheat, preheating domestic hot water or other building heating demands. In comparison, conventional exhaust air heat recovery is limited to system supply air heating only. However, the most commonly used whole building energy modelling software programs in industry do not directly allow for the modelling of a hydronic coil in an exhaust air stream. In this paper, two methods of modelling exhaust air heat recovery are described. A custom control method in EnergyPlus to directly model a coil in the exhaust air stream is contrasted with a simplified workaround that could be integrated with any major software package.
Pages: 543 - 551