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Proceedings of eSim 2014: 8th Conference of IBPSA-Canada


Feasibility Study of Multiple-Pass Total Energy Recovery Ventilator with Built-in Economizer Using TRNSYS A Case Study for Toronto, Ontario

Jun Long Zhang, Alan S. Fung

Abstract: This paper presents a feasibility study of an integrated heat and energy recovery ventilator (HERV) with a built-in economizer based on a case study for Toronto, Ontario. To achieve the assessment of such novel HVAC equipment, dynamic models were developed as components to be used in TRNSYS, along with a house model for the Archetype Sustainable House-A at The Living City Campus at Kortright. Simulation results revealed that the economizer control greatly improved the flexibility and competitiveness of the HERVs in summer. However, the HERV with a parallel-flow arrangement became inefficient during house heating, while the counter-flow approach was efficient at controlling both the temperature and humidity of the incoming air in order to meet the house demands. Overall, the HERV with a counter-flow arrangement could be a feasible option for Toronto.
Pages: 360 - 369