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Proceedings of eSim 2016: 9th Conference of IBPSA-Canada


Development of optimization methodology for increased energy efficiency of PV integrated curtain wall systems

Mohamed Elsayed, Caroline Hachem-Vermette

Abstract: The study presented in this paper aims at developing a methodology for energy optimization of PV integrated curtain wall systems. This proposed methodology employs a simulation-based iterative model. The space on which the effect of PV curtain wall systems is studied is a south perimeter zone of a multi-story office building. Annual simulations are conducted using EnergyPlus in conjunction with Rhinoceros 3D. The objectives of the optimization are to minimize the overall annual gained/lost heat, while maximizing solar panels’ energy production. The first stage optimizes the thermal performance of a standard curtain wall, which serves as reference case. Subsequently a new BIPV/T paneling system is developed and analyzed. This paneling system utilizes the curtain walls as a flexible mounting structure. Preliminary results indicate that the new paneling system can increase the BIPV energy generation by 25% and improve overall envelope energy performance by 50%, while providing a geometrical variety in skin design.
Pages: 230 - 241