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Proceedings of eSim 2016: 9th Conference of IBPSA-Canada


Calibration of EnergyPlus HVAC models using optimization

Gilbert Larochelle Martin, Danielle Monfet, HervŽ-Franck Nouanegue, Simon Sansreret, Karine Lavigne

Abstract: Calibration of building energy models is rarely performed in practice given the amount of time, information and expert knowledge required to perform this task. A calibrated simulation is a very useful tool to perform detailed energy analysis of buildings, evaluate different energy conservation measures, and to assess energy system performance. This paper proposes a methodology to modify a baseline energy model for calibration purposes. Using synthetic data and appropriate control volume, secondary level HVAC components model parameters are estimated using a constrained numerical optimization algorithm. Tests carried out in this paper indicated that certain parameters might not be of significant importance to be accounted for in the estimation process. The proposed methodology has the potential of supporting quick calibration of energy model sub-domains, which could lead to an improved global calibration and better prediction of the performance of HVAC systems.
Pages: 139 - 146