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Proceedings of eSim 2016: 9th Conference of IBPSA-Canada


Development of a thermal model for thermal mass coupled with hybrid ventilation in an institutional building

Sophie Yuan, Andreas Athienitis, Yuxiang Chen, Jiwu Rao

Abstract: Coupling thermal mass and hybrid ventilation in buildings can, through night free cooling, reduce the energy consumption and peak electricity demand for space cooling. This study focuses on Concordia University’s thermally massive 17 storey high “EV building”. Operating in hybrid ventilation, cool outdoor air enters through motorized inlets on opposing façades, flows above 0.4m thick concrete floor towards interconnected atria, and exits at the roof. The addition of variable speed fans installed at the roof assists in precooling the thermal mass and is expected to further decrease the building’s cooling energy consumption. This paper presents the development of a thermal model, verified by in situ measurements, of the corridor zone where outdoor air enters the building. It is then used to investigate the rate of heat extraction via night ventilation, the cooling potential, and the allowable lower limit of outdoor air temperature for hybrid ventilation without compromising occupant comfort.
Pages: 220 - 229