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Proceedings of eSim 2016: 9th Conference of IBPSA-Canada


High-resolution residential electricity use data for improved realism in building energy simulations

Alain Joseph, Willem Paynter, James Thomson

Abstract: Observing and measuring transient energy events may help to improve building energy performance. This paper presents a method of using one-second resolution residential electricity data to create highly granular simulation inputs to improve the realism of energy models. We developed a method for collecting onesecond electricity data. One-second electricity data from a 5-person residential building was collected using commercially available hardware for several usage intervals. A web-based MySQL database platform was implemented to store incoming data. A simple model was constructed to compare results when evaluating one-second, one-minute, and one-hour input data. Initial results show important differences in energy demand that have implications for electrical system sizing and energy costs. We believe that a number of existing models would benefit from using highly granular electricity data to realize more accurate simulations.
Pages: 363 - 370