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Proceedings of eSim 2016: 9th Conference of IBPSA-Canada


Empirical model of a 11 kW (nominal cooling) R134a water-water heat pump

SŽbastien Brideau, Ian Beausoleil-Morrison, Micha‘l Kummert

Abstract: This paper presents the development of an empirical transient model for a 11 kW (nominal cooling) water-water heat pump for TRNSYS. The heat pump was first tested experimentally at steady state and a performance map was developed. It is shown that the steady state perfor this assumption is reasonable since the power surge only lasts a few seconds. These findings are important and seem to point to a need for modelling of transient effects in order to increase the accuracy of the heat pump model results. mance map is inadequate for accurately modelling the dQ˙ transient = 1 hQ˙ − Q˙ i (1) sient conditions. Transient experiments were performed in an attempt to characterize the transient startup effects of the heat pump. A simple transient model was developed based on the steady state performance map and time constants. The time constants are functions of the time elapsed since the heat pump was last energized. The transient model was found to be more accurate than a steady state model for predicting condenser and evaporator heat transfer. 1
Pages: 262 - 273