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Proceedings of eSim 2016: 9th Conference of IBPSA-Canada


A detailed model of multi-storey double skin facades with integrated photovoltaic panels

Zissis Ioannidis, Annamaria. Buonomano, Andreas Athienitis, Ted Stathopoulos

Abstract: A numerical model is developed for a multi-story Double Skin Façade integrating Photovoltaics (DSF-P). The model has the ability to predict the thermal and electrical performance of the DSF-P system. The air flow inside the cavity may be assisted by a fan to cool down the photovoltaics while providing natural or hybrid ventilation to adjacent zones. Automated roller shades are implemented in the model and along with the shade that photovoltaics on the exterior skin provide, can control solar heat gains and daylight levels in the indoor space. A set of simulations was carried out for January and August in Montreal, for different air velocities inside the cavity, different roller blind positions and different number of floors. The simulations show that a DSF-P system integrating photovoltaics can supply approximately 0.20kWh/m²/day of solar electricity to the adjacent office space covering the daily heating and cooling demand of the office. Keywords: Double Skin Façade, BIPV, BIPV/T, Photovoltaics, multi-story, energy consumption.
Pages: 35 - 46