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Proceedings of eSim 2016: 9th Conference of IBPSA-Canada


A fast and accurate CFD solver for indoor airflow

Mohammad Mortezazadeh Dorostkar, Liangzhu Wang

Abstract: Modeling of indoor airflows using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) techniques can be difficult and time consuming, especially for complicated problems or for big buildings. A fast and accurate CFD solver can significantly shorten the time of the analysis with acceptable accuracy for engineering analysis. The aim of this paper is developing a fast and accurate CFD solver to simulate indoor airflow problems at real time. To achieve this goal, we use a combination of Eulerian and Lagrangian algorithms, namely semi-Lagrangian method, equipped with one well-known mathematical method, multigrid solver, to increase the convergence rate. In the present algorithm, convection term is solved by semi-Lagrangian algorithm and diffusion term and Poisson equation are solved by an implicit and V-cycle multigrid solver. The results show that we can use large time steps without any instability problem and consequently achieve better convergence in comparison with standard semi-Lagrangian algorithms and conventional Eulerian methods. Additionally, we discussed the stiffness of solving the Poisson equation that was not found in the previous works of semi-Lagrangian method.
Pages: 47 - 55