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Proceedings of eSim 2016: 9th Conference of IBPSA-Canada


Evaluation of liquid desiccant and water membrane systems for heating and humidification in cold-dry climates

Ahmed Abdel-Salam, Carey J. Simonson

Abstract: Significant progress has been achieved in liquid desiccant technologies during the last decade. Although mainly investigated when used in cooling and dehumidification applications, a liquid desiccant system can be used to provide heating and humidification in cold-dry climates. It is well-documented in the scientific literature that a liquid desiccant system can be more energy efficient than a conventional vapor compression system in cooling and dehumidification applications. However, there is no clear information about the feasibility of using a liquid desiccant system for heating and humidification applications. The performance of a liquid desiccant heating and humidification (LDHH) system is studied in this paper using TRNSYS simulations. In addition, a water membrane heating and humidification (WMHH) system is proposed and investigated. The thermodynamic processes of the LDHH and WMHH systems are presented, and their thermal energy requirements are compared to that used in adiabatic humidification system. Results show that the thermal energy consumption of the LDHH system is higher than an adiabatic humidification system, while the WMHH system can achieve thermal energy savings compared to an adiabatic humidification system. Keywords: Humidification; LAMEE; Liquid desiccant; Water; TRNSYS. 1.
Pages: 317 - 323