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Proceedings of eSim 2016: 9th Conference of IBPSA-Canada


Modeling of a solar driven liquid desiccant air-conditioner equipped with desiccant storage

Chris McNevin, Stephen J. Harrison

Abstract: TRNSYS was used to develop a simulation of a solar liquid desiccant air-conditioner system. A stratified desiccant storage tank model was developed and integrated into the system model to determine the system’s performance when using different tank and solar array sizes. The new tank model used the massfraction and temperature of the desiccant to determine its density and model the tank stratification. Increased desiccant storage allowed for a greater solar contribution to the thermal requirements of the system. Specifically, the storage allowed surplus energy to be gathered during times of peak solar availability and stored in the desiccant for later use. The model results, in the Toronto climate, indicated the system’s solar fraction was increased by up to 64% through the use of desiccant storage. The use of a stratified desiccant tank also contributed to improved dehumidification as higher desiccant concentrations were delivered to the conditioner.
Pages: 448 - 456