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Proceedings of eSim 2016: 9th Conference of IBPSA-Canada


Multiple-inlet BIPV/T: modelling and design including wind effects

Efstratios Dimitrios Rounis, Andreas Athienitis, Theodore Stathopoulos

Abstract: Multiple-inlet Building-integrated Photovoltaic/ Thermal (BIPV/T) systems aim for an improved electrical and thermal performance, as well as durability, by enhancing the heat removal from the PV panels, while achieving lower and more uniform PV temperatures. This paper presents the results of a numerical investigation on the comparison of the performance of single and multiple-inlet BIPV/T systems for a large scale application on an office building, under varying weather conditions, in terms of electrical and thermal efficiency of the systems, as well as the PV temperature distributions. A complete modeling procedure for multiple-inlet BIPV/T is introduced for the first time. It was found that a properly designed multiple-inlet BIPV/T system may have higher electrical efficiency up to 1% (approximately 7% higher electrical production for a 120 kW system) and higher thermal efficiency and up to 24%, while resulting in the lowest and most uniform PV temperatures.
Pages: 500 - 510