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Proceedings of eSim 2016: 9th Conference of IBPSA-Canada


The effect of hourly primary energy factors on optimal net-zero energy building design

Scott Bucking, Vasken Dermardiros, Andreas Athienitis

Abstract: This paper demonstrates how primary energy factors (PEFs) affect the quantification of site versus source energy use in buildings. Present best practice involves the application of a single annual scaling factor. This approach is insufficient for electrical grids where a portfolio of generation technologies exist, such as in the province of Ontario. We propose a modelling approach where hourly PEFs are defined based on hourly electricity generation by fuel-type. This paper examines how hourly PEFs affect the determination of optimized solution sets using a net-zero energy building case-study located in London, ON. PEFs are required to determine the renewable energy requirements of a source net-zero energy building. The proposed methodology determines hourly PEFs and then examines design implications using a single-objective evolutionary algorithm. Outcomes from this paper may result in improved building and community designs which better match time-varying electrical grid supply and demand.
Pages: 672 - 680