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Proceedings of eSim 2016: 9th Conference of IBPSA-Canada


Multi-criteria assessment of a mixed-mode ventilated office building

M. Mahdi Salehi, Ghazal Ebrahimi, W. Kendal Bushe, Hadi Dowlatabadi

Abstract: In this work, a novel multi-attribute system is proposed for systematic rating of buildings or building systems. The rating system, inspired by a Carnot-type efficiency function, relates occupant comfort and energy use intensity to actual, a baseline and an optimal design. The optimal design is selected from Pareto optimal designs given a multi-attribute cost function. This cost function is maximized to obtain the baseline. This methodology is applied to rate the HVAC system of a mixed-mode ventilated office. The case-study building has a platinum LEED rating, however, through this new methodology it is shown that the hybrid system leads to occupant satisfaction and energy use that is only 69% of the optimal possible. Using this method permits better trade-offs in design and operation of buildings leading to long-term occupant satisfaction while also ensuring lowest environmental impacts.
Pages: 494 - 499