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Proceedings of eSim 2016: 9th Conference of IBPSA-Canada


ASHRAE’s zero-net energy challenge – lessons learned

Liam Buckley, Nathan Kegel

Abstract: This paper will focus on ASHRAE’s Zero-Net Energy (ZNE) Competition in 2015 and summarises the lessons learned from the challenge. The competition was made up of teams of industry practitioners and academia, representing single software platforms only. The software teams included Autodesk, Carrier-HAP, DesignBuilder, EnergyPlus, eQUEST, IESVE, Sefaira and Trane-Trace. Each team was made up of architects, designers, energy modellers and engineers. Individual teams were coached by the appropriate software representative during the twelve week design period. This presentation comes from the perspective of the winning team coach for ‘Best Energy Results’, whereby multiple challenges for ZNE were encountered and overcome. This particular design challenge of guaranteeing ZNE for the prescribed commercial office building encountered extreme hot and extreme cold climatic variation. Therefore many unique energy conservation measures (ECMs) were required, so to predict ZNE status for next year, but also proving ZNE status 50 years into the future.
Pages: 106 - 114