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Proceedings of eSim 2016: 9th Conference of IBPSA-Canada


Solar energy potential for commercial building facade retrofit

Edvinas Bigaila, Caroline Hachem-Vermette, Mohamed El-Sayed, Andreas K. Athienitis

Abstract: Retrofit of existing buildings, as an evolving field of research, represents vast possibilities in increasing the energy efficiency of buildings. Façade design plays a crucial role in the retrofit of a building, and can offer additional benefits by incorporating possibilities of energy production. In this paper a commercial building in Saskatoon (Canada) is considered for solar façade retrofit potential analysis. A retrofit methodology using solar technologies is under development and a feasibility study carried out. A Tregenza sky model is used to evaluate the design options for façade configurations with overhang and spandrel integrated photovoltaics. An integrated design approach is demonstrated and results are compared using Net Zero Energy targets and Life Cycle Analysis as main feasibility criteria. The methods employed in this paper can serve as a basis to develop a methodology of facades’ retrofit in cold climate urban areas.
Pages: 626 - 637