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Proceedings of eSim 2018: 10th Conference of IBPSA-Canada


Development of Optimal Design Tool for Chilled Water Plants for Commercial Buildings

Nabil Nassif, Nihal AlRaees, Fouad AlRifaie

Abstract: This paper proposes a design tool for optimal design of chilled water plants for commercial buildings. The proposed tool integrating system models with a genetic algorithm optimization solver minimizes the life cycle cost by finding the design variables such as chilled water and condenser piping diameters, chilled and condenser water temperature differences, and chilled water supply temperature. The proposed modeling methods depend on detailed cooling load analysis and head and energy calculations. The method is tested on an existing three-story, eighty-eight thousand square foot building. A whole building energy simulation model is used to generate the hourly cooling loads and then the optimal design variables are found to minimize the life cycle cost. The testing results show this approach will achieve better results than rules-of-thumb or traditional design procedures. The life cycle cost saving could be up to 8% depending on project specifications and locations.
Keywords: HVAC System, Chilled Water System, Optimization, Piping Design
Pages: 34 - 39